Minh Chau Company processes
products according to all markets
and customers standards with
modern marchines equipments:

  • Lab (Bacteria, antibiotic, waste-water criterion)
  • Raw materials washing machine
  • Sizing machines
  • Contact Freezers
  • IQF Freezers
  • Air- blast Freezers
  • Steamers
  • Vacuum - Pack Machines
  • Cold Storages
  • Freezing Trucks
  • Generators
  • Metal Detectors


About us

Minh Chau Import – Export Seafood Processing Company limited (Minh Chau Co., Ltd.)

Minh Chau Import – Export Seafood Processing Company limited is established in the year 2008. We specialized in processing and manufacturing for export seafoods.

Location: Hoa Trung Hamlet, Luong The Tran Commune, Cai Nuoc District, Ca Mau Province, Vietnam. The factory is at the center of shrimp farming areas (Cai Nuoc, Dam Doi, Nam Can and Ngoc Hien Districts) very close to the materials sources

Number of workers: 800

Production capacity: 4,000 metric tons/year

Possesses a well-trained & experienced work force comprising capable management teams and skillfull workers.

New production facilities are equipped with state-of the – art equipment

Quality Control Systems: Plant is certified ISO 22000:2007 / ISO 22000:2005 HACCP - CODEX, BRC, IFS and EU Code DL 154

Main markets: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, EU (France, Germany, Italy, UK ... ), ASEAN, Australia...

Main Products: Shrimps: Raw, IQF, Block, Cooked, Black Tiger, Pink, White, Vannamei, Cat Tiger: HOSO, HLSO, PD, PDTO, Nobashi, Butterfly, Skewered, and Tempura ...

Squids, Cuttle-fish and Octopus - IQF, Pineapple-cut ...

Sea Fish: Mackerel, Yellow Croaker, Tuna ...